Yahoo! Search Out-performs Google…

October 29th, 2008 by steve

Recently, I’ve noted that while searching for things that I KNOW are online, Google fails to return any results. How do I know they are online?  Because they are on my personal blog at

Since I am curious, I searched for them on Yahoo!  Instead of showing me one page of about ten results, Yahoo! showed me two pages of about 20.  While Google failed to list results from this blog, Yahoo! listed them all, plus others.

I am not sure why Google failed.  It lists results from more current posts on this blog.  Maybe Google assumed that if someone blogged something in the past searchers don’t need to find it (?)

In any case, I’ve made Yahoo! my default search — again.


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4 Responses to “Yahoo! Search Out-performs Google…”

  1. alacy Says:

    Google’s search engine goal is to return relevant information, it is obvious that it doesn’t consider your blog relevant.


  2. steve Says:

    Funny. 🙂

    There are lots of times when I can’t find it on google, I check Yahoo! and there it is. Not sure why.

  3. alacy Says:

    Are you willing to give the search string you use?

  4. steve Says:

    Here’s what I was searching for:
    “douglas adams”

    It had been coming up empty, but it’s there now. Maybe they fixed it. Yeah — that’s it! They read my blog and got worried that Yahoo! was taking over!!! 😉