Firefox Running Slowly…. install.rdf

January 5th, 2010 by steve

Recently my Firefox on my Linux box has been running slowly.

Then things became worse when I started it and it gave me a message that it couldn’t complete the install because something was wrong with install.rdf.

“Error message: install.rdf is not well formed or does not exist”

I read somewhere that I should rename my ~/.mozilla folder and run Firefox.

I did more than that.

  1. I uninstalled Firefox with Synaptic
  2. Then renamed ~/.mozilla to ~/.mozilla_delete_after_02012010.
  3. Then I reinstalled Firefox and ran it.

Firefox ran fast and clean.

Reinstalling my plugins, it maintains good speed.

I think the install.rdf file was a corrupt update of noscript.

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One Response to “Firefox Running Slowly…. install.rdf”

  1. Bill Gates Says:

    Windoz doesn’t have these problems! You Linux Hax0r!