Storing Passwords on your Android Device

November 5th, 2010 by steve

Never use the same password for all your accounts. That’s data-security 101. Ha! It’s not even 101. It’s kindergarten level.  I use loads of passwords for different accounts without using a formula to help me remember them. How am I to keep them all straight?

At first I used Password + from DataViz. It was a great little application that I kept on my Sony Clie. However, when I moved to the Windows Mobile world, I needed something to run on that OS. Enter KeePass. Keepass is an excellent little program that runs on a variety of platforms.

Today, I installed it on my Droid.

It is great to have all my passwords on my person whenever I need them.

Now — If I can just remember that master password….



One Response to “Storing Passwords on your Android Device”

  1. alacy Says:

    For my Sony Clie I used STRIP (Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords). So when I got my Android phone I went to their website they had left the Palm world and moved to APPLE land, no Android version. But they had left behind a decrypt to a csv file tool. I used it to get all my passwords I had in it. I then looked for an Android app that could import that file I found OpenIntents Safe for Android I works for me, so once again I have all my passwords with me. It will make backups (still encrypted), or if I ever need to move away from it, it will dump the unencrypted version into a csv file.