How to Upload a Large File in Dropbox on a Droid

December 23rd, 2010 by steve

The fact that Dropbox works on my Droid 2 is amazing. With it, I can dump documents, pictures, and videos onto my server at home and then have them available whenever I need them.

Until now, the problem has been that after a preset time, the phone automatically locks and disconnects from the internet. The Dropbox aborts its upload and never completes.

The solution? The ScreenModeWidget by Sam Chiu.

There are three versions in the Android Marketplace.  Pick the one that suits your needs and select the “Screen Stay” mode.

Works great!  Thanks, Sam!

If you want dropbox, please don’t just go get it — let someone refer you so they get the free additional space Dropbox offers for referral. I’d be glad to refer you to Dropbox, if you like. 🙂  Post a comment or email me here:

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