What Apps Should I Put on my iPod?

January 4th, 2011 by steve

A friend of mine just got an iPod and I was thinking about what apps I use and what he might like.

Here is a list of apps I have on my iPod that I actually use.

Social Apps

  1. The facebook app. It’s way better than the one they wrote for the droid.
  2. IM+. It’s a good chat app.
  3. Skype. It’s Skype. No one does it like Skype.
  4. Textfree. This lets you text cell phones and they can text you back.


  1. WordPress app.
  2. PocketBible (It’s free and has a better interface than LiveChurch.tv).
  3. Kindle. I have read a couple books on my iPod.

News Sources

  1. BBC News app.
  2. NPR News app.
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins app. This actually lets you stream live audio from Penguin games on your iPod.
  4. TSN Mobile.


  1. Angry Birds Lite. This game is the best I’ve played on a handheld device.
  2. Ragdoll 2 Lite — great puzzle game.
  3. Shift — nice puzzle game.
  4. Geared — great mechanical thinking game.

That’s basically what I like on the iPod.

What’s on your iPod?

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