I Think My Phone Number Has Been Spoofed…

October 1st, 2015 by steve shields

So yesterday I got a call from someone with a local number asking why I called her. I had not called her. She insisted I had. My call log said I hadn’t.

Looking around online, it’s possible that someone is spoofing my number, but — only once? And to a local cell? That seems strange. It appears there’s nothing one can do about it, in any case, except change your number.

However, sites addressing the issue suggested phone owners register their cell phons with www.donotcall.gov. I registered. Again.

This won’t fix the problem of the call spoofing, but it might save me a moment with telemarketers.


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One Response to “I Think My Phone Number Has Been Spoofed…”

  1. Allen Says:

    Years ago I read how to spoof a phone number and tried it out by calling my wife’s number. It was easy and it worked. The thing is you don’t have know anything about who has the number, you can spoof any number even numbers not in use. So some sleaze bags (or the insult of your choice) when they make calls trying to scam people they spoof the number so they don’t get the complaint calls. Due to the design of the phone system there is no way to prevent spoofing and apparently the various phone companies don’t want to spend enough money to change it so spoofing couldn’t be done.

    Note I have forgotten how to spoof a number but am sure using Google it can be found since that is the way I found it the first time.