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You Probably Haven’t Been Hacked

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Have you received the message on Facebook that says, “I’ve been hacked”? Or “You’ve been hacked! You’d better change your password”? It’s probably not the case.

Here’s what’s probably happening….

A bad actor sets up a Facebook account in Willis’ name and steals Willis’ profile picture.

Then he looks at Willis’ existing friends and makes friend requests of them.

Willis has not been hacked. Willis is being impersonated.

Willis’ friends have hundreds of Facebook friends so they don’t remember whether they are friends with Willis or not, so they accept the request.

Then Fake-Willis sends them a message: “Hey – I am stranded in Costa Rica with no money. Can you wire me some?!”

So Willis probably doesn’t need to change his password.

He (and his Facebook friends) need to report the Fake-Willis account to Facebook.

Enter Code to Claim Facebook Page – SOLVED

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Where do you enter the code to claim a place on Facebook?

Where do you enter the code to claim a page on Facebook?

As of the writing of this post, if you’re sitting at a desktop or laptop, you’ll look a long time.

But if you go through the procedure of claiming a Facebook Page using your mobile device — problem solved.

You’ll see the place to enter the code to claim your Facebook page.

Once entered, Facebook says it can take up to two days. I’ve had it take a week and I’ve had it take five minutes.

Good luck. You may need it. 😉

SOLVED: How do I merge two Facebook pages that I manage?

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Because Facebook changes layout and methods of doing things, searching for how to merge different Facebook pages that you manage can be frustrating. The way it was done last year is not the way it’s done this year.

If you are the admin, the easiest way to merge multiple Facebook pages is to go to and select the page you wish to keep from the top dropdown list and the one you want to eliminate in the second dropdown list.

Be careful, this cannot be undone.

This worked in December 2014. I am guessing it will work in 2015