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Windows 10 1903 update stuck at splash screen – SOLVED

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

I waited several weeks for Microsoft to work out the bugs on their new build of Windows 10, but I still had a problem when I tried to update.

My Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with the 500 GB SSD drive only had 26 GB free. I figured that would be enough. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t.

I had BitLocker active on my SSD, but I figured that wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was.

In any case, as the install proceeded, my Lenovo was stuck at the splash screen — the little dots spinning, and then, apparently frozen.

I let it sit for a few hours, then tried to reboot. And it did the same thing — overnight.

The next day, I pressed the tiny button that takes you to the boot menu, and I tried to restore an earlier install only to read that since I had encrypted my drive with BitLocker, I would not be able to restore anything — except the factory settings.

That’s unacceptable.

Getting Back Into Windows

In desperation, I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and booted from the USB drive. There, I was given the option to restore to a previous installation — and it worked.

Windows 10 was up and running again — minus the 1903 upgrade.

But you need that upgrade, right?

So, after getting back into Windows, here are steps I took to install the 1903 update of Windows 10.

  1. Free up lots of space on the HD. (I moved over 200 GB of music and pictures from the encrypted drive.
  2. Turn off BitLocker (this took me several hours).
  1. Create an image of the drive — just in case. (You might use Rescue Free.)
  2. Now, reboot the computer and install the update as you would normally.

This worked for me — but that’s not saying it will for you.

Afterward, I turned on BitLocker. This took just a couple of minutes.

As always, this information it provided “as-is” without warranty, expressed or implied. Any loss you suffer is the fault of the person pressing the keys on your keyboard. 🙂

SOLVED: How to Reactivate OneDrive on Windows 10

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

For a long time, I didn’t use OneDrive. I had a pretty big Dropbox, so I saw no value in it. So I somehow deactivated it — so that it didn’t even appear in my system tray. It was as though it had been uninstalled. How could I reinstall it?

However, when I had a recent technical difficulty with Dropbox, and saw how slow their support was, I realized I should have a backup cloud system in place.

But it appeared that OneDrive wasn’t working on my Windows 10 machine. I wanted to reinstall it, but it turns out you can’t. It’s part of Windows 10, so there’s no install / uninstall option.

And running OneDrive from the Search Bar on Windows didn’t help.

Finally, I solved it.

OneDrive came up and asked for my credentials and let me choose where to install the OneDrive folder.


SOLVED: Windows 10 Breaks Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 Tablet & Tent Modes

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

“My Lenovo Yoga doesn’t change its orientation or switch to tablet mode anymore! It stopped working like it used to! Windows broke it!” -Everybody

IF YOU’VE UPGRADED TO WINDOWS 10, the Lenovo Transition Application probably stopped working right. At best, Lenovo Transitions became glitchy, not changing the orientation when in the tablet mode or the tent mode. And when you closed the lid, it often didn’t wake up when reopened. So Lenovo Transitions was replaced with something called Lenovo Mode Control.

If you search around, you’ll find the new Mode Control Application from Lenovo. When you download and install the Mode Control Application, it will automatically remove the Transition Application.

However, when you install it, many users say the Mode Control Application causes their Yoga Pro 2 to slow down in the tent or tablet mode — so much so, that it becomes unusable.

This was my experience.

The solution is to open the Device Manager and update the DPTF drivers. DPTF stands for Dynamic Platform Thermal Framework.

It’s Intel’s way of keeping your unit from overheating, while allowing it to run as fast as possible.

I found these drivers under the System Devices Intel section on my unit.

Updating them relocated them within the Device Manager.


Just right-click each one and select update. Let it update from the internet.

Some users report that they had to update them twice. This was the case with one of the three on my system. It updated and then I rebooted and checked again, and it updated once more.

When I finished, it worked like a charm.

That got me to thinking, I wonder what other drivers need to be updated. So I went through my device manager, item by item, and probably made ten more updates.

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