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ES File Explorer can’t find Ubuntu Server

Monday, May 12th, 2014


“ES File Explorer can’t find Ubuntu Server” — And for that matter, nothing can find the Ubuntu server. Not Windows XP, not Windows Vista, not Windows 7, not Windows 8, not a MAC, not even another Linux Desktop.

Every time I reinstall Ununtu, I have trouble making Samba shares visible to Windows machines — and to ES File Explorer on  my android phone.

You would think that when you install the Ubuntu Desktop, and you right-click a folder in Nautilus and try to share it, it would share. Ah — life is never that easy.

To get the shares working, I did a million and one things, but I think this is what fixed it.

First, get all the updates you should have.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Second, install Samba.

sudo apt-get install samba

Third, (and this is what I always seem to forget) make yourself a samba user with a password.

sudo smbpasswd -a username

Restart Samba.

sudo service smbd restart

That’s it.

It works for me now.

Using Linux to Record Audio…

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

For years we have been using old laptops at church to record the services. About a month ago I updated Ubuntu to the latest version and lost the audio inputs. I absolutely hate Pulse Audio and the new desktop presentation of Ubuntu has to go.

Today I finally got Linux Mint running on an old Dell Inspiron 5100. It seems lighter than Ubuntu and I love the MATE interface. I am pretty well done with the Unity interface. I don’t think anyone tried harder to like it than did I.

I still struggled to get the audio going. Finally, I followed the instructions here, where JaguarNight explains how he solved it.

You have to be a little intuitive. But when you mess with the ideas in JaguarNight’s post, it works.

Firefox Running Slowly…. install.rdf

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Recently my Firefox on my Linux box has been running slowly.

Then things became worse when I started it and it gave me a message that it couldn’t complete the install because something was wrong with install.rdf.

“Error message: install.rdf is not well formed or does not exist”

I read somewhere that I should rename my ~/.mozilla folder and run Firefox.

I did more than that.

  1. I uninstalled Firefox with Synaptic
  2. Then renamed ~/.mozilla to ~/.mozilla_delete_after_02012010.
  3. Then I reinstalled Firefox and ran it.

Firefox ran fast and clean.

Reinstalling my plugins, it maintains good speed.

I think the install.rdf file was a corrupt update of noscript.