Smart Phone Apps from a Smart Company

August 19th, 2008 by steve

Several years ago I bought PocketBreeze from sbsh.  It sold for about $20.  I used it for so long that I began to think it was part of the operating system on my iPAQ HX-4700.  Moving to a PDA phone (Samsung SCH-i760) I was reintroduced to the Microsoft Today Screen.  Ugh.  I had mistakenly thought that MS would do something to make that screen more useful, but — hey — they are MS.

Tonight, to my delight, I learned that sbsh has a policy that if you own any of their products (with registration code) you can download the latest version, provided it’s not a whole new edition.  My version was 5.0.n and the newest version (three years later) was 5.4.n.  So I downloaded, installed, input my email address and registration code, and it works great.

And guess what!  Unlike MS, in the past three years sbsh has actually enhanced their product, increasing usability.  Wow!  What a smart company.

Thanks,  sbsh!

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