The Surprising iPad

January 28th, 2010 by alacy

It looks like a big iPod Touch (no phone) the big iPhone version will be out later.

I was surprised at some of the choices Apple made:

  • No camera so no video chat.
  • No flash, it is suppose to be an easy way to access the internet and it doesn’t support flash?
  • No USB port, it has no camera and then no way to get photos from a camera, oh wait a minute there is an adapter to give it a USB port. That is almost as bad, it takes an adapter to connect USB devices?
  • Only 64GB, and no way to add memory cards, even basic netbooks come with 160GB
  • No user swapable battery.
  • All applications have to come from the Apple App store.
  • It doesn’t multitask, it has a big powerfull CPU and it can’t multitask?
  • No HDMI out, you get a cool video on it (that doesn’t require flash) and you can’t show it on your TV?
  • The version which supports cellular access will be unlocked, but it will only have a GSM radio which in this country is used by AT&T and T-Mobile. The only thing is that their 3G data networks are on different frequencies.  The iPad only supports AT&T’s 3G frequency. If you use it on T-Mobile you will be stuck at 2G speeds.

The market has been telling everyone that smaller is better, you don’t need a desktop, a laptop is better. You don’t need a laptop, a netbook is better. You don’t need a netbook, a smart phone like the iPhone is better.  Now Apple says we were wrong, you don’t want a iPhone, the iPad is better?


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3 Responses to “The Surprising iPad”

  1. steve Says:

    One word:

    Or — many words:
    The ipad will sell because it’s from Apple, and nothing is quite as hip as something with an Apple logo on it.

  2. alacy Says:

    I remember the Newton.

    As for the statement that anything from Apple will sell, how many people do you know that have an Apple TV?

  3. steve Says:


    Times have changed, though, since the Apple TV. I know people who have bought macs just because of the cool, condescending guy with his hands in his pockets on the commercials.

    They SAY they bought it for other reasons, but they can’t really articulate those reasons, beyond, “I wanted to be virus-free” and “I got tired of the crashes.” Man — I’ve not had a virus in over a decade. And I can’t even remember what a blue-screen of death looks like. And I use my PCs hard. 🙂