OpenDNS and Android…

June 4th, 2011 by steve

When I first got my Android phone (the Droid 2), I noticed there were some sites that loaded slowly when using the wifi in my home. For example, when I googled Yugster, then clicked on the link to go there, the status bar on the droid browser would pause and often timeout, leaving me on the google page.

This never happened on my Linux machine or on any of the PCs we have.

Due to a power outage, my router needed a hard reset, so I had to set everything back to the DD-WRT factory defaults. Upon doing so, I immediately noted that the Android wifi problems were gone. Pages loaded very quickly.

The a few days later I realized that, I had forgotten to put the OpenDNS servers in the router.  So I put them in and went to bed. For the next two days, I noted the timeouts occurring with the droid again, so today I removed the OpenDNS server specs and the phone  is loading everything without pause.

Any thoughts on why this would happen. I love OpenDNS, but can’t use it if it’s going to do this to my droid.


UPDATE: This turned out to be a problem with Dolphin web browser. It appears they have it resolved.


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3 Responses to “OpenDNS and Android…”

  1. Ken Says:

    I use OpenDNS at home and work and haven’t noticed this problem. If you get time send me a few links you are experiencing this with and I will test them as well.

  2. steve Says:

    Google yugster and click any link.

    I think it was Dolphin. I updated to the beta and the problem went away.

  3. Ken Says:

    Must have been. It opened instantly with the stock browser.