Review of ASUS Customer Service and Warranty Service

June 13th, 2012 by steve

Just under two years ago, I purchased an ASUS G51. It was, and still is, a state of the art notebook, boasting an i7 processor and loads of features. As sharp as it is, I’ve had trouble with it, with ASUS Customer Service, and with the two-year warranty.

Let me share a couple of examples.

On July 19, 2011 I called ASUS to say that the notebook was overheating and shutting down. I explained this was happening when I engaged in processor-intensive tasks. The representative said, “Get a cooling pad and place it under the unit.” To this day, I can’t believe I let that conversation end that way.

On September 23, 2011 I called ASUS and told them that the overheating problem was getting worse and something needed to be done. The rep asked how often it was shutting down. I told him, “Five times this morning.” He reluctantly set up an RMA and I sent it in for repair. Reluctantly? Wow.

On November 17, 2011 I called ASUS and mentioned that the rubber stops on the bezel around the screen had fallen off. I was advised to call the estore and buy more. This, in direct contrast to Dell sending me replacement feet for my Inspiron when the feet had fallen off of it.

On June 13, 2012 I called ASUS to say the cord on my power-supply was cracking (a common problem with notebook computers, due to normal wear and tear).


  • The first technician said that the notebook had a two year warranty but the power supply had only a one year warranty. What?! I asked to speak to a supervisor.
  • The supervisor said that the first technician was incorrect. He said that it actually was covered under the two-year warranty. Then he said that I would have to send it in (at my expense) and they would examine it to see if they would replace it. I told him this was unacceptable and asked to speak to his supervisor.
  • This supervisor confirmed that I would have to send the item back and they would examine it to determine if they had to replace it. This is not the way Dell cared for these matters. Dell would send me a replacement and a pre-paid return slip for my old one. In fact, the last time this happened with Dell, they said, “Keep your old power supply. We’ll send you a new one free.” I gave this information to the ASUS rep. She was unimpressed. I told her that I had been spoiled. Then, because she was not acquainted with the term, I defined “spoiled” as what happens when parents treat a child with too much kindness. I explained that Dell had spoiled me by acting in good faith, replacing power-supplies for my notebooks, and paying for the return shipping on the broken one. She informed me that not every company is the same. 
She’s right. Not every company is the same.

And when it comes to Customer Service / Warranty Service, this experience has taught me all I need to know about ASUS.


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