SOLVED: Cannot Unlock WD My Passport Ultra

July 13th, 2015 by steve shields

Wrong Password!I have been using a WD Passport Ultra quite regularly on one PC.

It’s a fine unit — not at all intrusive. Just does what the designers ask it to do.

But the other day I tried it on another computer and it wouldn’t unlock.

The PC I had been using it on unlocked it automatically.

But the new PC needed the password. A password I had been incredibly careful to document.


After two hours with WD support logging into my PC and updating the firmware and everything else, the tech (level 2, of course) finally said…

“How long is your password?”

I counted…. “24 characters.”

He laughed. “That’s the problem. It can be no more than 12.”

I had to reformat it, but finally got it working everywhere with a password no more than 12 characters in length.

Thanks, WD, for good tech people.

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